How Mindmaps can help you learn a language

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Tony Buzan, inventor of MindMaps, explains how this memory technique can help you master learning a language. This time you will remember! Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Alvaro Grisales

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  • LeDraconian

    Mind mapping is useful or not,
    thhis man has got excellent presentation and persuasive skills..
    look at his body language!!!

  • thotkrime

    Jolly ol’ chap!

  • 2911alison

    Looks like fun but flashcards work much better. (You can draw pretty pictures on your flashcards too if you want.)

  • Roxyy187

    check out under the tab more.. there u’ll find lots of languages 2 learn

  • amazingdany

    I always though the Buzzman would be younger.

  • Kevin Lee

    Try iPhone application to learn foreign language – FREE!


    Search ‘blingw language’ on youtube for preview!

  • William Molina

    i came across LEARNANEWLANGUAGEBYYOURSELF(by searching on google) and find it really helpful. i was able to learn many languages fast which is useful since im traveling across each continent!

  • KipDynamite29

    yes I completely agree. as adults we don’t have so many times and if we want to learn a language we don’t need that much colors pictures and stuf. we are not like kids who can be very unmotivated because they do not choose to learn languages

  • KipDynamite29

    yes, I am french (maybe you are) and “J’aime” means “I love” not “to love”

  • KipDynamite29

    yes, it seems like they are not interested in using verbs… but maybe it exists also ?

  • MuminF4n

    We’ve used mind maps in school for as long as I can remember. I always hated them. Every other class the teacher said “Hey, let’s make mind maps!” and I just thought “Not AGAIN!”. Now in high school, a teacher recently said (when she first told us to make mind maps) “But if you see red when you hear the word ‘mind map’ (it’s only one word in my language) you can jot down your thoughts in some other way. “It was about time teachers realised not everyone loves mind maps” I thought.

  • regele34

    I, myself, i find this methode real another joke for fooling stupid people, so stupid that they need drawing stuffs, this is for people whit special needs. But i have to admit that a person whit a lot of free time and whit a clear mind can make it work. is much more easy to use dictionary and to practice every word in one simple sentence and afther that to eleborate, whitout drawing and mathematical help. Learning a language is an experience that can change your life or just make it more fun.

  • SolPhillips

    this would only for people like me, I speak Swedish but I havent done it in a while, thus I have “forgotten” some vocabulary. This will help me to practice and even learn new words. But to learn a new language from scratch with this tecnique… seems pretty impossible unless you wish to speak like a caveman….

  • Marc Bandeira

    Okay… I’m all for mind mapping, but honestly… If you’re going to use youtube to sell language learning materials, at least make sure that you SPEAK the languages… I mean… Dude… J’aime (that you pronounced as Jame) does NOT mean to love… Just hire someone to do it for you dude… Like I said, I’m all for mind mapping, but the poor accent just made it unbearable…

  • Doeboy555


  • TheMajorMigraine

    NOONE is teaching the keys.
    Google “MajorMigraine” without space.
    I learned Spanish in 5 days…

  • TheSpeckhunter

    I am in the smartish part of youtube D: i would rather be in the weirdest part than here

  • Maika Nguyen

    Oui, il a raison (l’homme agé, qui s’appelle Buzan?), c’est un moyen efficace pour apprendre les listes des mots, mais j’ai pas assez de temps libre pour dessiner des fruits ou des personnes…

  • Jakhongir Dadajanov

    Its not works, Thats for children… Hey Jimmy this is an apple, see an Apple

  • MineCartable

    1) learning the worlds I can do on my own.
    2) Learning grammar to use the word correctly is what I want to work on.
    3) This isn’t very helpful for my situation.
    4) I need motivation.

    Ex #2: Me Loved Eat Apple. (Doesn’t really work does it?)

    Grammar is the only problem I have, along with the motivation.

  • adnanaliable

    this is a good way of planing a assignment or a presentation instead of learning or memorizing things.

  • Milind Joshi

    what method is best to learn medicine(medical sciences)? in a way medicine is language too, but thought someone might have better tricks for it…..thanksz

  • BennyGothik

    oui je crois que t’as raison, même si “le point c’est” je l’ai vu et entendu souvent… merci :)

  • heloizyjhenifer

    “Le point c’est” c’est pas français du tout. Ecris en anglais tant qu’à faire.

  • PurdyBear1

    Iv just finished the BOST Study Skills Handbook, and it explains this in total with his advised memory stuff and study methods. I could use it within 24 hours, I mean that quickly to remember things I hadnt even tried before. I got the book from the library, so it doesnt need to cost anything.

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