Tony Buzan speaks about Alexander the Great – Genius Formula

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Tony Buzan is the world’s leading author, lecturer and advisor to governments, business and the professions on the brain, learning and thinking skills. He is the originator of Mind Mapping®, the thinking tool popularly called ‘the Swiss army knife of the brain’! Tony Buzan is the Chairman of The Brain Foundation, Founder of The Brain Trust, the originator of Mind Maps®, and the creator of the concept of Mental Literacy. Buzan is past Editor of the International Journal of MENSA (the high IQ Society) and is also the holder of the world’s highest ‘creativity IQ’. Among Members of the Young Presidents’ Organisation he has become affectionately known as ‘Mr. Brain’. As one of the world’s leading authors, he has published 22 books (19 on the brain, creativity and learning and Mind Sports and one volume of poetry). His books (which include: Use Your Head, Use Your Memory, Make the Most of Your Mind, Speed Reading, and Brain Training) have now been published in fifty countries and translated into twenty languages. Use Your Head has surpassed worldwide sales of a million, and is a standard introductory text for staff training within IBM, General Motors, EDS, Fluor Daniel, Digital Equipment Corporation and for students of the Open University. The Mind Map Book: Radiant Thinking, on the nature of human thought, published in September 1993, was nominated the BBCV’s ‘Book of the Year’. His latest publications are Buzan’s Book of Genius, written with Raymond Keene, OBE, published by Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Alvaro Grisales

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  • Gonzoidzz

    Born in Greek Macedonia, this idiot should get it right.

  • SPARTANsenator8

    Nice fairytales. That’s not Macedonia that u are talking about, that’s a cheap copy of the adjacent famous Greek province. Skopje is an ex socialistic republic of ex Yugoslavia whose real name was Vardarska until 1944 when Tito changed it and copied the name of the adjacent Greek state, and it’s people are slavs (mostly Bulgarians). Btw Skopje never belonged to ancient Macedonia, it was the capital of ancient Dardania! Get some education!

  • SPARTANsenator8

    i know it’s ok, did u have to think a lot for that comments of yours, Vardarskian wannabe? lol

  • Jeevanjai1

    great work on mindmapping

  • MrNMT69


  • Stefanoitch

    i love Alexander the great

  • synge7

    do not be so vain as to criticize a figure of relegion

  • SPARTANsenator8


  • Dolphidood

    I did think why can’t you just cut it but then I thought no its probably made of a metallic material… ohhh well not creative enough. lol

  • QuiteNotRight

    Although, discussing the reality of the existence of Jesus is up for deep philosophical debate; his divinity, or perhaps more precisely worded, the reality, or the mentally manifested fallacy of divinity brought about by witnessing nature throughout our evolutionary path. There is no evidence Jesus was a fag. It suggest you perhaps unwittingly wish it so. It is not a leap then to wonder if in fact subconsciously you desire to be gay with Jesus and that’s not just rude its weird.

  • slapcompany

    Success for Managers means: I want to be in healthy relationships. I want a real connection with people I spend so much time with.

  • sexybritney312

    Just, I liked to feel this sensation again and I can confirm that works, is like your brain requires data all time. Do you remembre the movie? Simple it’s awesome! I recommend to try it at least one time, then you will have another point of view.


    Please feedback me when you get it

  • SPARTANsenator7

    i would say that 🙂 greetings!

  • Phaedrusgr

    Thanks for letting know!!! Take care.

  • SPARTANsenator7

    he really was!

  • rockfellia

    Yes, it takes a great mind to accomplish great things…and he was the greatest…

  • socratis904

    very good video, it said almost everything about Alexander the Great,and the best is that it spoke and for his spirit and inteligent ind out of th e balltels even if not all had been said!

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